Export Potential of the AMMC


     JSC «Almalyk MMC» is one of the largest mining and metallurgical enterprises in the Republic of Uzbekistan, the production facilities of it are based on the reserves of a group of copper-porphyry, lead-zinc and gold-silver deposits located in the territories of Tashkent, Jizzakh, Namangan and Surkhandarya regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Rich reserves of the Kalmakar, Kauldy mines, the Sary-Cheku quarry, the Angren and Chadak ore departments and Khandiz, as well as the presence of five processing plants, two metallurgical (copper smelting and zinc) and two cement, repair, mechanical and pipe plants, the Kizilkum phosphorite complex, two joint ventures included in the equity participation of AMMC (LLC “HPC Systems” for the production of power cables for high voltages and LLC “AWP” for the production of sanitary engineering Products) allow AMMC to dynamically increase production capacity, expand the range of products, which today already has more than 100 items, of which 54% is supplied to the foreign market.
     The volume of exports is eloquently evidenced by the indicators of its growth. Thus, if in 2017 the company supplied products with a total value of almost $ 643.1 million to foreign markets, then in 2020, despite the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, exports of AMMC products increased by 127.7 percent, amounting to $ 821.5 million. In 2021, exports rose to $1,124.2 million, with a growth rate of 136.8 percent. Export forecasts are also expected to be met for 2022. The plant is not satisfied with what has already been achieved and will continue to increase production and foreign supplies, the development of new markets.
     To assess the scale of its potential, it is enough just to look at the digital dominant of mining and production of the main types of precious metals: AMMC accounts for about 90% of silver production and 20% of gold in the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is also the largest copper producer not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout the Central Asian region and, accordingly, a supplier of copper and products made of this metal to both domestic and foreign markets. The plant’s products are highly valued on the national and international markets.
     Currently, the plant sells 18 types of export-oriented, highly liquid products. The main products are copper. Today, AMMC ranks third in terms of copper production after Russia and Kazakhstan: AMMC produces about 148 thousand tons of copper per year, of which 85-90 thousand tons, and about 70% of the total volume, is exported.
     Zinc and lead products, rare and precious metals are in no less demand, in particular, there are 13 metals in this list according to the periodic table. Molybdenum, rhenium, zinc sulfate, cadmium, tungsten, palladium and other rare metals are supplied to foreign consumers. A significant part of the products of the Sherabad cement plant, located in Surkhandarya region, is also exported. In order to assess the importance of AMMC products for the development of the economy, readers are offered a brief excursion into the fields of application of the metal products of the combine. As you know, gold and silver (in refined form) are widely used for the manufacture of jewelry. Zinc is used in construction and the paint industry, in metallurgy and mechanical engineering, in medicine, agriculture and other industries, cadmium – in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and nuclear industry, portlandcement – in construction, railway and public works. Copper products are necessary for the development of electrical engineering, construction and automotive industry (copper cathodes and wire), in particular, copper sulfate – for medicine, agriculture and the food industry. Copper pipes produced by the AMMC pipe plant are used in the water, heat and gas supply industries, as well as in the automotive industry. The main consumers of sulfuric acid are enterprises of the chemical, petroleum, metalworking, food, textile industries, and ammonium perrenate is used in electronics, the oil industry, aviation and space technology. The semiconductor, glass, chemical and pharmaceutical industries need technical selenium, the semiconductor, rubber and glass industries need tellurium, the metallurgical industry needs tungsten and molybdenum. Palladium is used in catalysts, hydrogen technologies, electronics, jewelry and coinage, as well as medicine. Of course, the range of products of the AMMC and the range of its consumers is much wider, all of the above is only the main part that is in greatest demand in the domestic and foreign markets.
Deputy Chairman for Commercial Affairs of Almalyk MMC JSC
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