Tourism Development in Jizzakh Region: Goal, Actions, Result!


     There is probably no country in the world that has not made efforts to develop the tourism sector. The reason is that this industry is very lucrative and becomes a pillar of the country’s economy.
     Thanks to the efforts of our Head of State, Uzbekistan has done a lot of work in recent years to develop tourism and attract more foreign tourists. Thus, since 2017, a number of good innovations have taken place in the industry. In particular, the visa regime has been simplified, as a result of which the number of tourists and their revenues have increased several times. Moreover, new tourist destinations were created, infrastructure was improved, and the country’s tourist image was created. Accordingly, each region of the republic implements and builds up tourism projects based on its own capabilities.
     If we talk about Jizzakh, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the country-wide famous Jizzakh samsa, the shape of which is associated with a bowl, its mountains, whose clean air can compete with Swiss air, and, of course, its people, who are distinguished by their hospitality. However, the region’s tourism opportunities are not limited to this.
     For the development of domestic tourism in this ancient land there are such glorious places as Saad ibn Vakkas, Osmat ota, Novka ota, Khojamushkent ota, Parpi ota, Saifin ota, Savruk ota, Kulfisar ota. Natural springs with the volume of mineral water 16-20 million cubic meters of water per year, mountainous areas with moderate climate Bakhmal, Zaamin, Galliaaral, Sharaf Rashidov and Farish, a number of springs of healing water containing such valuable elements as iron, sulphur, hydrogen, radium, silicic acid, carbon dioxide and alkali – all this attracts tourists whose inflow increases from year to year.
     Moreover, in 2022, within the framework of the development of domestic tourism, 13,000 foreign tourists visited Jizzakh region with tourist purposes, and in 2023 about 144,200 foreign tourists. Furthermore, in 2023, 1 million 176 thousand local tourists visited the region. Export of tourist services totaled $31 million.
     By the end of the year, this figure reached 1.176 million people. This means 1.5 times more than the annual plan of 806 thousand. It is worth noting that today the export of tourism services in the region amounts to $31 million. Of course, comfortable and modern hotels play a big role in retaining more guests. To this end, during the past 2023, 36 accommodation facilities with 386 beds were put into operation, of which 6 hotels, 2 hostels, 2 campsites, 24 family guest houses and 2 recreation centers were created.
     For comparison: if in 2021 in the region there were 170 accommodation facilities such as hotels and family guest houses with a total number of 4,959 beds, today their number has been supplemented by 256 facilities, due to that the total number of beds has reached 6,566. In a word, there is an opportunity to provide quality accommodation for every tourist coming to the region.
     For reference: the new 256 accommodation facilities include 30 hotels (1,105 places), 20 camping sites (717 places), 168 family guest houses (1,471 places), 18 hostels (369 places), 11 camps (1,372 places) and 9 sanatorium-resort establishments (1,532 places), thanks to which the total number of places has reached 6,566.
     If we talk about the need to increase the flow of tourists, the attractiveness of routes and competitiveness of tourist companies are being worked out. In the Jizzakh region, active work is also underway in this regard: in 2023, 11 new travel agencies were created and 20 new tourist routes were developed. Thus, the number of tour companies, having increased by 11 units compared to 2022, reached 28.
Sindor RAKHMONKULOV, Deputy Khokim of the region
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