Advanced Technologies – are Formula of Success


     Advanced technologies play a crucial role in improving the quality and efficiency of production and overcoming the ever-growing strugle. We talked about this and the level of availability of modern technologies of the Kungrad Soda Plant with the chief engineer of the enterprise Shukhrat SHAMURATOV.
     – Shukhrat Toremuratovich, how do you think, what is the role of modern technologies in the successful operation of the Kungdrad soda plant and increasing its productivity?
     – It is a common fact that, machines, devices and equipment form are the basis of industry in every production. Therefore, in order to manage them they are needed experienced specialists with knowledge and skills. Nowadays, in the context of the rapid development of science and the penetration of digital technologies into all spheres of the economy, the launch of production based on the latest technical and innovative solutions is the key to achievements and success.
     Specifically, our company has installed a number of modern technologies – production equipment management systems and control of work processes. One of them is the Siemens system for automatic production control. Automation works on the basis of Honeywell equipment. It should be noted that the enterprise was launched in 2006 and over the past period the available equipment, of course, is physically and morally outdated. In 2021, it was replaced by new modern management systems, the importance of which in the work of our enterprise is very high. They provide conveniences such as control and timely adjustment of production processes without the human factor.
     – Could you please tell us in more detail about the installed equipment and the associated increase in production performance…
     – Being frank and open, as I mentioned above, at the time of the arrival of foreign investors in 2021, most of the equipment at our plant was physically and morally outdated. To eliminate this shortcoming, on the initiative of specialists and investors of the joint-stock companies “Uzkimyosanoat” and “Uzkimyosanoatloyiha”, an action plan was developed, according to which the modernization of production facilities, technical and technological equipment for 31 billion soums was carried out. As a result, in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year, the volume of production immediately increased by 34.7 percent. Particularly, after the modernization work in September-November, 12,516 tons of products in amount of 33.5 billion soums were produced. Moreover, the cost of raw materials and materials has been significantly reduced. At the end of the year, products in amount of 488.8 billion soums will be produced, and net profit is expected to be 48.5 billion soums, while the amount of net profit will increase by 14.1 times compared to last year. Currently, we are producing 600 tons of products per day.
     – What other changes have occurred in Kungrad Soda Plant since the acquisition of a 51% share by an investor from the United Arab Emirates?
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