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AMMC zink plant: development dynamics and prospects


     It is impossible to imagine the operations of AMMC without zinc production.
     The director of the zinc plant Farrukh UTANOV shared with us about its role and significance not only for the plant, but also for the entire industry of the republic.
     – As you know, in 2014 the zinc plant of AMMC was reconstructed and refreshed. How efficiently has the plant begun to work, what is its retrospective and today’s productivity indicators in the comparative dynamics of development?
     – Actually, in 2013, the Government of our republic decided to reconstruct the zinc plant at JSC “Almalyk MMC”. Within the framework of this project, work was carried out on the modernization of the I-series of the electrolysis hall, while reinforced concrete baths were replaced with polymer ones, which made it possible to reduce the operating costs of lining the baths with roll lead, as well as increase the current output during electrolysis and raise the grade (brand) of the zinc obtained from C0A to CV. In the melting department, modern energy-saving induction furnaces F60-1320-Zn and TE2000H were installed, complete with automated bottling lines for zinc and zinc-based alloys, which made it possible to reduce the specific energy consumption for remelting zinc and the use of manual labor. And the indicators of the efficiency of investments in modernization can be judged by the increase in the productivity of the plant for the production of zinc metal by 46% compared to 2013
     – Apparently, major resources have been invested in the zinc plant. What is the share of domestic capital and foreign investment in them, in what level is the bar of their profitability now? What new technologies and equipment have been introduced within the framework of investment projects and what is their role in increasing labor productivity and achieving high economic development indicators?
     – During the modernization, the main sources of financing are the own funds of JSC “Almalik MMC” as well as loans from domestic banks, for example, Ipoteka-Bank. While making up a program of modernization and re-equipment programs, preference is given to those issues that have a short payback period due to the use of advanced technologies, materials, energy and labor savings, therefore, the profitability bar of implemented projects is at a fairly high level. At the moment, at the zinc plant within the framework of PP No. 3954 from September 30, 2018, work is underway to reconstruct and stabilize the production facilities of the JSC “Almalik MMC” to replace energy-intensive equipment with energy-efficient equipment, to automate the technological process in all workshops of the plant, to modernize the technology of filtration of solutions and pulps of all redistributions, which will lead to a reduction in energy costs (electricity, natural gas, etc.), will improve the quality of extraction and will achieve high economic indicators to reduce costs and increase the profitability of the enterprise.
     – Tell us about the innovative side of the plant’s activities and the factory workers’ own developments.
     – In my opinion, any modern enterprise should keep up with the times and not forget about the role of innovation and innovation in production. It is possible to achieve a reduction in the cost of production, ultimately, through the implementation of innovations, so an important feature of economic growth is the transition to a continuous innovation process. Our factory is actively working on the continuous improvement of the technological process. As an example, I can share a little secret: at the moment, the head of the laboratory of our plant is preparing to defend his doctoral dissertation on the topic «Improvement of methods for the determination and separation of selenium and tellurium ions in zinc electrolyte».
     – Could you please tell us about the product line of the plant, how much it is fast-growing and sold in the domestic and foreign markets.
You can read the whole interview in the printed version of the magazine.


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