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The Glorious Path of Establishment and Flourishing of The Bukhara Oil Refinery


     In August of the current year, it was 25 years since the beginning commercial operations of the Bukhara Oil – Processing Plant. Before this significant date, we talked with the director of LLC “Bukhara Oil Refinery” Akbar FAZILOV. Throughout the conversation, we once again looked backward at the quarter-century history of this large enterprise, which occupies an important place in the economy of our country.
     – Akbar Alisherovich, first of all, once again congratulate you on the historical date of the plant’s operation. Twenty-five years – simply put it, this is a quarter of a century, but probably during these years it was not so easy for the company to develop and achieve its goals and results? Let’s talk a little bit about the stages of development in the period from the beginning of the plant to the present day.
     – Yes, on August 22 of this year, our Bukhara Oil Refinery will be exactly 25 years old. And over the years, the plant has passed a glorious path of establishment, flourishing, overcoming difficulties, outstanding labor successes and impressive achievements. Having started this path from scratch, today we rank among those enterprises without that it is impossible to imagine the modern market, and in general the development of the whole country.
     The chronicle of the history of the enterprise has been opened since the beginning of the construction of the Bukhara Oil Refinery in 1993 and its launch in 1997. Then in 1998 – the construction of the primary oil refining unit ELOU-1, and in 2005 – ELOU-2. From 2006 to 2015, step by step, we implemented international standards – ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 (ISO 45001). In 2007, the production of ECO diesel fuel and hydrocarbon solvent was mastered, and in 2009 – Jet A-1 aviation fuel. For 25 years, the company managed to realize a lot of its plans, so it was necessary to increase the volume of the tank farm.
     In 2020 at the gas oil hydrotreatment unit, the hydro-processing catalyst was replaced with the most modern one. As a result, for the first time we were able to produce diesel fuel of the environmental category of Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards within our country. Current year, the production of Euro-6 class diesel fuel has been mastered the production.
     – Could you please tell us about the contribution of the plant today to the development of the economy of Uzbekistan and measures to meet the demand for oil, gas and fuel products? How many types of products are produced at the enterprise?
     – The production capacity of the plant allows to produce such popular petroleum products as gasoline of various brands (AI-80, 91, 92, 95, QuWatt-95, 98), jet fuel Jet A-1, diesel fuel ECO summer, ECO winter, diesel fuel Euro K4 and K5, diesel fuel TDL (summer), TDU (weighted), fuel oil of furnace grades M100 and M40, pyrolysis gasoline, propane refrigerant, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), hydrocarbon solvent C4-135/220, technical sulfur. In total, the Bukhara Oil Refinery produces 9 types of products, including more than 20 brands.
     – What other work apart of replacing of the catalyst at the gas oil hydrotreatment unit has been carried out to modernize the enterprise over the past period? What tasks still need to be done in this direction?
     – On instruction from the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Uzbekneftegaz” Mehriddin Abdullayev, large-scale work is being carried out in order to ensure uninterrupted supply of high-quality and, most importantly, ecological petroleum products to consumers of the republic. The specialists of our plant optimized the process of operation of the reactor at the gas oil hydrotreatment unit by selecting the optimal technological mode. This made it possible to start the production of diesel fuel of a high environmental class of the DT-EURO-L-III-K5 (EURO-6) brand in accordance with the requirements of the standard.
In July of this year, we accepted the first batch of synthetic GTL oil from the Uzbekistan GTL plant, it will be used to produce popular brands of motor gasoline.
     – You said that in order to diversify petroleum products and meet the needs for high-quality petroleum products, this year the production of high-quality diesel fuel of Euro-6 standard was also started for the first time in the republic. What is its advantage and what is the impact on the efficiency of the engines?
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