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     Uzbekistan’s cotton-growing and textile industries have been under the yoke of an international cotton ban for many years. However, during this unfavorable period, the country was supported by INDORAMA GROUP. And today our story is dedicated to this company, its contribution to the formation and development of the textile industry of the republic. In his interview, our interlocutor Deepak REINE touched upon many aspects of the joint activities of the two countries to achieve common goals in the fields of cotton growing and textiles.
     – Indorama Group journey in Uzbekistan. What is a key business of the company in Uzbekistan. Indorama has invested to the textile industry when the country was under the cotton pledge. Furthermore, Indorama played a very important role in cooperation with international organizations and lifting the boycott.
     – Speaking of Indorama, it started off 45 years ago as a textile business. While it is true that Indorama has developed over the past 45 years and that our business has become more multinational, one of our primary business lines continues to be the textile industry. We continue to be the world’s largest provider of textiles.
     Why did we invest in the textile sector in Uzbekistan? Because when we entered Uzbekistan 12 years ago, we saw that it was famous as a large cotton growing and exporting country and exported its cotton mainly in the form of yarn. The potential of this country is huge, because it is very important for us to develop and process cotton rather than to export it. Hence, we began producing yarn of a worldwide standard and made investments in this direction 12 years ago. It is anticipated that Uzbekistan will export more than $3 billion worth of textiles by 2022. This suggests that Indorama made the proper investment decisions.
     As you know, more than 300 foreign brands that are members of the international coalition «Cotton Campaign» announced a boycott of Uzbekistan. We entered into a dialogue and encouraged them to work with Uzbekistan. In early 2022, this boycott was lifted. What gave us this opportunity? This gave us the opportunity to bring international brands to Uzbekistan and enter their supply chain.
     We strive to supply them with quality products. For this we have a certification system «Best Cotton». Brands that see our products with BCI certificates will cooperate with us. Because it is a system recognized in the world. We worked with BCI and were the first in the history of Uzbekistan to receive a certificate. We have created an excellent opportunity to work with brands for manufacturers of interior fabrics and towels, ready-to-wear.
     – What’s your opinion, what fundamental changes have taken place in Uzbek textile industry since Indorama invested in the textile sector in Uzbekistan?
     – «Indorama» is one of the largest investors in the textile industry of Uzbekistan. In this, we made significant investments not only in textile, but also in agro business, in addition, «Indorama» is developing fertilizer production business in Uzbekistan. Currently, we have also worked on nitrogen in Fergana and launched the company «Indorama Kokand Fertilizers».
You can read the whole interview in the printed version of the magazine.


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