FAO presents the National Programme of Action for the Digitalization of Agriculture in Uzbekistan

     Tashkent, 20th February 2024 — The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) introduced the National Programme of Action for the Digitalization of Agriculture as a result of a pivotal one-year technical assistance project. The launch event brought together national and international stakeholders in Tashkent to present the National Programme, providing insights into its vision, objectives, and priority actions.
     This Programme serves as a strategic guide to transform the country’s agrifood system into a modern, competitive, sustainable and resilient sector”- said Daniela Di Gianantonio, Head of Digital Agriculture. The event garnered support and participation from diverse stakeholders, fostering collaborative efforts to advance Uzbekistan’s digital agriculture transformation. The occasion also provided an opportunity to reflect on the progress made, address challenges in mainstreaming technologies within the sector, and celebrate recent accomplishments under the FAO Digital Villages Initiative [1].The event advanced a shared vision for Uzbekistan’s digital agriculture transformation and fostered collaborative efforts among stakeholders.
     The Programme of Action was developed under FAO’s technical cooperation programme titled “Preparing the grounds for digital transformation of agriculture” as a response to a request of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic Uzbekistan to address the challenges hindering innovation and digitalization in the agri-food sector. Through the project, FAO assessed the status of digital agriculture in Uzbekistan and worked with stakeholders to co-design the national strategy in a participatory manner
     This effort complements FAO’s recent digitalization efforts in Uzbekistan, such as Digital Villages, geospatial labs, smart sensors, the Food Price Monitoring Tool, decision-support system for Land Degradation Neutrality, digital forest inventory, etc. Its overarching objective is to create a catalytic effect and agrifood system change, steering the country to sustainable and climate-resilient pathways.
[1] https://www.fao.org/digital-villages-initiative/europe/


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