Territorial development

Territorial development


Innovative Development of Regions – are the Demands of Times


     In recent years, in our Republic, targeted measures have been taken to innovate the sectors of the economy and the social sphere, to provide comprehensive support and increase the efficiency of science and research. As a result of the innovative development of the regions, an approach is being formed that includes changes in the economic, social, environmental and other spheres. The comprehensive support for innovative ideas of young people in the regions also plays an important role in the development of the industry.
     In order to formulate innovative activities in the regions, a number of organizational and managerial works are required. To achieve this, it is necessary to support research and work that will ensure the solution of specific problems in a particular region, financial incentives for innovative activities, support for competition in scientific, educational and other spheres; it is necessary to create a market for innovative products.
     It is envisaged to carry out long-term and medium-and short-term activities for the development of innovative activities in the region. Long-term events include the creation of an integrated innovation system of the region, the development of a management system for innovative development, the formation of a regional economic management system on an innovative basis. Creation of a single information environment, development of a system of evaluation of innovative system activities and changes in the structure of activities, creation of market structures of interaction between economic entities, achievement of qualitative integration of Educational–Science-production are medium and short–term activities.
     Therefore, the development of innovative economy in the region, carrying out research aimed at innovation, developing and implementing innovative development programs of regions, developing of innovative and technological cooperation with other regions, coordinating the interaction with innovative infrastructure elements and economic entities are among the most urgent tasks. Moreover, it requires improving the system of organizing various seminars, exhibitions, fairs, forums of the population, training and retraining of the population.
     Taking into account the fact that the directions of innovative development have the opportunity to eliminate problems in all spheres of the regional economy, it is important to introduce the main elements of innovation in the regions.
     The main principles of the implementation of innovation in the regions are the focus on the further improvement of the welfare of the population of the region, the introduction of a targeted and effective management system based on strategic planning and innovation management, the introduction of innovations and the promotion of the integration of Education, Science and industry.
     According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PF-6198 dated April 1, 2021 and the Resolution No. PQ-5047, the list of 13 districts being transformed into innovative zones in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions was approved. Together with the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the governors of the regions, action programs for these districts have been approved and consistently implemented. In order to ensure effective organization and implementation of the events, coordinating councils were established under the leadership of the district governors.
     The implemented measures are aimed at creating an innovation ecosystem in the region to invent innovative products with high added value.
     Since the adoption of the decree, the ministry has been implementing 137 projects for innovative districts in cooperation with khokimiyats and entrepreneurs 125.90 billion directly from the Ministry. As a result 1,920 citizens of our country have gained new jobs and created opportunities for the export of more than 50 types of innovative products. The projects developed and financed by the Ministry in the priority areas of the economy will serve the production of demand-driven, import-substituting and export-oriented products in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as the creation of new jobs.
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Kudratjon YUSUPOV,
Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Head of the Department “innovation development of regions”


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