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     The implementation of new technologies into industrial production, as practice shows, allows for a qualitative breakthrough in both the domestic and global markets of goods and services. Deputy Chief Engineer, Head of the Supply Department of the Bukhara Oil Refinery NURKHANOV Alisher Alimovich told in an interview about the importance of innovation, scientific and human potential in the development of new types of products at the enterprise.
     – Could you please tell us about the scientific potential of your company and innovative developments introduced into production.
     – From one year to the next, everywhere, across all sectors, the demand for scientific and innovative developments is growing, therefore, realizing the role and importance of science and best practices in production, we are looking for suppliers of such services, while trying to apply a flexible approach. In fact, there was one research institute O’zLITINeftgaz for the entire industry. However, now we are trying to attract to our problems, so to speak, «the best and the brightest” « and do not limit ourselves to research institutes within the republic. There are times when we turn even to those who designed our plant to find the answer to one or another questions.
     Innovation activity is supported at the company’s top management level. No idea is complete without attention, we jointly bring it to implementation with all our might. Accordingly, innovators are necessarily financially encouraged. Every year we hold the contests «The Best Innovator» and «The Best Innovative Ideas», it is gratifying that the number of participants is increasing, and the premium fund is growing.
     That is exactly why, it can be noted, we have a streamlined process for the development and release of new products, as well as improving the characteristics of products already manufactured at the enterprise. In recent years, we have managed to establish the production of diesel fuel of Euro-4, 5 standards. Today, AI-95 QuWatt gasoline is successfully sold on the Uzbek market. We are considering the possibility of expanding the product line through the production of low-tonnage products. It is also worth noting the joint development with the Uzbek Research Institute of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals of the adsorbent Uz AD-1 for the purification of hydrogen-containing gas, a reforming unit from chlorine impurities. Previously, we imported this chemical reagent, and now we can use locally produced, which has already saved tens of thousands of dollars.
     Generally, the plant has developed a 5-year development strategy, in this large-scale program and tried to provide for all directions: improve the technologies used for the production of high-quality products, expand the types of products, minimize industrial and environmental risks, reduce costs.
     – No company can move towards its goal alone, without anyone’s support, assistance. How closely are cooperative ties established at your plant?
     – Cooperation is an effective format of partnership, and we sincerely believe in their value. Since the foundation of the plant, since 1997, we have passed a good school for the development of imported equipment at the domestic enterprise. The most modern equipment and technologies were brought from Europe, America, Japan. With further operation, of course, appropriate maintenance and repair were required, and imported spare parts are very expensive. Extends appreciation to the policy of the President of Uzbekistan and the Government of the country on import substitution and localization, the production of all spare parts in the territory of Uzbekistan is being gradually mastered, thereby expanding cooperation ties between the plant and other production enterprises, scientific institutions. For example, to make one part, you need to study its characteristics and properties, make drawings, make test copies, achieve confirmation of quality, potential service life, etc. – this is a long and painstaking work, but good results justify this.
     Altogether, recently, thanks to import substitution, the company has saved significant funds. On the electronic cooperation portal, work closely with manufacturers. For five months of this year, we purchased 45% of the equipment from direct manufacturers through specialized electronic trading platforms. This affects, firstly, not only the final price of parts, but also the cost of maintenance, and secondly, the cost of finished products, and which means the selling price for the consumer. Therefore, we support the domestic manufacturer.
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