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     The Bukhara Oil Refinery has set a course for the implementation of large-scale modernization of existing production facilities based on modern and, most importantly, environmentally friendly technologies. The company is eager to expand the existing technological production, product range, in conjunction with the implementation of projects for the introduction of new installations.
     Read further details and more in the interview of the chief engineer of the Bukhara Oil Refinery – MUSTAFOEV Bakhtiyor Jumabayevich.
     – Bakhtiyor Jumabayevich, first of all, could you please tell us about the main types of products manufactured at the plant at the moment.
     – Now the Bukhara Oil Refinery produces 9 types of products of more than 20 brands, expressed differently, various types of brands of gasoline, diesel fractions, liquefied gas, technical sulfur and others. The plant’s project capacities have been designed for A-76 and A-72 gasoline, since 2005 they began to produce AI-80, and since 2021, for the first time in the history of the republic, the Bukhara Oil Refinery has replenished the product line with high-octane motor gasoline AI-98. Motor gasoline of this brand is mainly used in cars with engines with an increased compression ratio – from 12 to 14. Due to its high anti-knock properties (octane characteristics), AI-98 gasoline increases engine power, improves acceleration dynamics, reduces vibration and noise and significantly saves fuel consumption. We have produced a batch of AI-98 motor gasoline in the amount of 380 tons and tested its physical and chemical characteristics. A certificate of conformity was obtained for the serial production of motor gasoline AI-98 in accordance with the requirements of the O’zDSt 3031:2015 standard «Automobile gasoline. Technical Specifications».
     Relating to localization and import substitution, the production of nephras- an oil solvent, which is a product of oil distillation, for paint and varnish products, has begun. We also produce propane refrigerant, designed for cooling technological (compressor) and other equipment. Since 2009, the plant has been producing jet A-1 aviation kerosene, which is currently operated in flights by Uzbekistan Airways. Distinctive features of Jet A-1 aviation fuel are a high degree of purity, fire and explosion safety.
     I would like to note that for 25 years our plant has made a great contribution to the development of the republic’s energy complex, uninterruptedly providing products to more than 65% of the domestic market. Uninterrupted provision of the country with energy resources is a well-coordinated, trouble-free, effective joint work, starting with the decisions and tasks set by the Head of State, the Government of the Republic, JSC “Uzbekneftegaz”, ending with the activities of the management, specialists and operators of our plant. This contribution is formed thanks to round-the-clock work, including the provision of spare parts, the repair of production facilities, and the training of personnel. None of the stages of the process should fail – each employee of the plant is responsible for his work.
     – Efficient, safe operation of the enterprise and production of high-quality products are impossible without modern equipment. What are the key stages of the technological process, what kind of equipment is installed and what are its advantages?
     – The first stage begins with the preparation of raw materials. Initially, according to the project, the plant was focused on the reserves of the Kokdumalak oil and gas condensate field in the Kashkadarya region. Primary refining processes do not imply chemical changes in oil and represent its physical separation into five fractions. Gasoline, kerosene, diesel and gas fractions together form light oil products, and fuel oil is heavy oil residues. The lighter fractions are obtained from a certain volume of crude oil, the less fuel oil remains. Subsequently, the volume of light petroleum products obtained as a result of refining is the most important characteristic of oil, which can be controlled.
     At the Bukhara Oil Refinery, secondary processing processes are targeted at increasing the quality of environmental friendliness, refinement and rising the added value of products. Hydrotreating and reforming of the gasoline fraction, hydrotreating of gas oil, demercaptanisation of kerosene, as well as environmental installations for the extraction of elemental sulfur, amine purification, etc. All secondary processes can be divided into three types: deepening (cracking, coking, etc.), ennobling (reforming, hydrotreating, isomerization, etc.) and processes for the production of oils, alkylation, aromatic hydrocarbons and others.
You can read the whole interview in the printed version of the magazine.


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