Decades of Successful Collaboration


     More than 25 years ago, Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant (NMMP) and ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH combined their experience and knowledge to achieve the goals of production development in Uzbekistan.
     “ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH” is one of the leading companies in the design, construction and commissioning of industrial plants and their components on a turnkey basis in the field of mining, metallurgy, water treatment and energy.
     In the early 90-s of the last century, highly professional specialists of the NMMP and “ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH” implemented the first joint project on reconstruction of the grinding and classification workshop.
     One of the stages of further cooperation was the construction of a mining and metallurgical enterprise for processing of sulphide gold-bearing ores using the unique and one-of-a-kind BIOX® technology, which made it possible to maximize gold recovery from refractory sulphide ores through the use of biooxidation technology.
     Together, the project for construction of a washing and concentration plant of the Kyzylkum Phosphorite Complex and further expansion of the existing production for enrichment and calcination of phosphate rock were successfully completed.
     Under the investment project “Improvement of the technology for extracting gold from refractory ore of the “Kokpatas” and “Daugyztau” deposits” with the aim of ensuring a sustainable growth rate of the NMMP production in 2017 – 2019, a new technology was introduced, based on the oxidative roasting process, specially developed and first used for processing of sorption tailings of the biooxidation product (BIOX). The joint work of specialists from “ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH” and Navoi MMP was reflected in the officially registered patent, which protects the rights to the “Industrial unit for oxidative roasting of gold sorption leaching tailings”.
     According to the terms of the concluded contract, “Engineering Dobersek GmbH” carried out engineering, supply, installation supervision and commissioning, training of the customer’s personnel, commissioning, reaching design parameters and operational and technological tests for the following technological stages of an industrial plant for oxidative roasting of sorption tailings:
     ● Unit for filtration of the initial suspension
     ● Intermediate storage of filter cake
     ● Unit for drying filter cake
     ● Unit for granulation of filter cake
     ● Unit for firing granular material in a circulating fluidized bed furnace (CFB)
     ● Unit for dry dust collection
     ● Unit for wet gas cleaning
     ● Unit for crushing cinder
     ● Water cooling system
     The new technology introduced at GMZ-3 of the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant made it possible to achieve excellent performance in the end-to-end extraction of metal from particularly refractory ores and to involve technogenic formations in processing.
     Particularly noteworthy is the wet cleaning unit, in which a multistage gas cooling and scrubbing process was implemented, which ensures compliance with the requirements for the residual content of harmful impurities in the exhaust gas from the CFB furnace, such as arsenic and sulfur, at the outlet of the unit. The individual components of the wet scrubber unit, such as the off-gas desulphurization unit, are unique developments of “ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH”, optimized for the specific process parameters of the off-gas.
     Due to the introduction of the oxidative roasting process in the CFB furnace at GMZ-3, it was possible to achieve the set goal of increasing production at the plant by about 10%. The implemented project with the technology of oxidative roasting of the tailings of sorption leaching of gold corresponds to the Concept of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which is one of the priority directions of state policy.
     “ENGINEERING DOBERSEK GmbH” is proud to work with the Navoi MMP. Thanks to common efforts, new projects are being implemented at the highest level. We hope that in the future our cooperation will be as fruitful and successful as it is now!

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