A Major Step Towards International Capital Market

The President stated that the main task is «to turn AMMC into a company capable of operating without state support.»

AMMC on the Way to Digital Transformation

   The digital transformation involves a global rethinking of the approach to business, increasing the efficiency of the company by optimizing and automating business processes,

The Leader of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy in Commonwealth of Independen States

 Thanks to the policy pursued by the President of Uzbekistan to create a favorable investment climate, today a generous amount of large-scale investment projects are being implemented in our country,

AMMC zink plant: development dynamics and prospects

 It is impossible to imagine the operations of AMMC without zinc production.

Innovative Technopark: First Steps

The main function of the innovative technopark “Yashnabad” – Chemical Technology, Materials Science, Food Industry, Energy, Scientific Development and

Current-Day Innovative Idea is a Competitively Viable Product of the Future

Modern life is changing so fast. Achievements of science and innovative technologies are rapidly entering to our lives, and today’s developments turn their tasks into more compact and convenient devices of tomorrow.

The Growth Dynamics Achieved on all Single Front

The issue of journal dedicated to the development of domestic pharmaceuticals opens with an interview with our guest, Director of the Agency for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry under the Ministry of Health of Republic of Uzbekistan Sardor KARIEV.

The Main Purpose of the State Pharmacopoeia is to Ensure Sustainability of Drug Supply

The speedy progress of the domestic pharmaceutical industry is reflected in quantity input of pharmaceutical companies, the creation and introduction of new original medicines, the improvement of the drug management system and the strengthening of its quality control.

Closer to the Customer

In an interview with our magazine, the Chairman of the Board of JSCIB «Ipoteka-Bank» INOMJONOV Elyor spoke about the development of a system of high-quality customer service.

Uzbekistan is a Key Partner of flydubai

flydubai, a national carrier for Dubai, made its first flight on 01 June 2009. The airline’s route network consists of over 95 destinations across Africa, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Central and South-East Europe, the GCC and the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

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