On the Way to the Development of the Region Towards the Well-Being of the Population….

Our conversation with Hokim of Jizzakh region SALIYEV Ergash Alibekovich was devoted to the achievements of the region, touched upon social transformations, perspective projects in various spheres and many other issues.

Dual Education – Reform on the Way to Quality Education

What is dual education? How does it differ from the standard principles of training?

Growing an Organic Cotton is the Ultimate Goal

The first cultivation of organic cotton has begun in 2020. Control Union Certifications for cultured organic cotton has received a number of international certificates from the international organization for the certification of organic cotton and products of the Art Soft holding and its enterprises.

Science, art, technology

The textile industry has been and will continue to be an eternally young industry. The strongest thrives in it and takes advantage of the opportunities that open up.

Time to Unite the Markets of the West and the East

Uzbekistan’s fully integrated textile value chain, growing market and investment programs offer a wide range of opportunities to boost business relations between Germany and Uzbekistan.

The Significant Potential to Increase the Contribution in the Global Cotton Market

For the first time, our magazine presents the increasingly popular cotton program – Better Cotton, whose users are about 3 million agricultural producers around the world.

The Future of the Textile Industry: Sustainability, Traceability and Transparency

Undoubtedly, the textile industry is one of the most important sectors of our economy. Its capabilities guarantee a leading number of job-places.

Better Work in Uzbekistan: Let’s Support the Industry Together

The international Better Work program is being implemented in Uzbekistan, aimed at creating and supporting favorable conditions for doing business in the cotton, textile, sewing and knitting sectors of the country’s economy.

Uzbekistan is a New Textile Hub

The entry of the Uztexstileprom Association into the International Federation of the Textile Industry (ITMF) allowed the textile industry of Uzbekistan to achieve great success in almost 10 years of membership in this organization.

The Secret of Success Indorama Group

Uzbekistan’s cotton-growing and textile industries have been under the yoke of an international cotton ban for many years.

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