JSC “UZSTROYMATERIALY”: our Priority is Strength and Durability


     It is known that Uzbek people are characterized by such features as industriousness, hospitality, and respect for elders. The Uzbek mentality, which has developed since the down of time from the cultural and religious way of life, is inherently creative. Since ancient times, our people work tirelessly, and at the first opportunity try to build or equip their homes for the future of their descendants. In ancient times, our ancestors – architects-masters built beautiful buildings, which serve as an example of the highest level of art. Amazing technologies were invented and used for production of building materials and decor, some of which can not be repeated even today. Dedicating this issue of the Journal to the development of construction materials industry and to familiarize the readers in details with the activity of its main organization and its current tasks, the Editor-in-Chief spoke with the Chairman of the Board of the JSC “Uzstroymaterialy” ZARIPOV BOTIR KOMILOVICH.
     – Dear Botir Komilovich, in this format I would like to talk to you not only about the figures of today’s development of building materials industry, but also its prospects, the principles of corporate management. Due to intensive construction in our country the JSC “Uzstroymaterialy” has a great responsibility to ensure the supply of necessary construction materials. Your Company being the main supplier of building materials, how do you see this happening?
Today, we, the citizens of Uzbekistan, are becoming both the participants and witnesses of a large-scale construction in all regions of the Republic, which is ongoing everywhere. Wherever you go — everywhere the work is boiling — day and night. Somewhere modern housing estates, social infrastructure facilities, somewhere constructions with complex design and architectural configurations are built, and somewhere reconstruction or refurbishment is going on. For example, in our capital, the construction of the unique “Tashkent City” with no analogues in the Central Asian region, ground and underground lines and new stations of Tashkent Metro, new bridges and road junctions is being carried out at the accelerated pace. Undoubtedly, the implementation of these pilot ambitious plans was the reason for the rapid growth of demand for high-quality building materials.
The Joint Stock Company “Uzstroymaterialy” and its affiliated organizations and enterprises, along with their several thousand workers and employees through their valiant work are making a worthy contribution to the development of the building materials production industry, achieving significant results in the production of new types of building materials to ensure a decent life and well-being of our people.
– Late 2016 by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan you headed the Joint Stock Company “Uzstroymaterialy”. What are the main problems of the Company you saw when you started working, and how they are being resolved?
– In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Measures to Further Improve the Management of the Construction Materials Industry of the Republic”, in order to further develop and diversify the structure of the construction materials industry, to attract investment for modernization, technological re-equipment and increasing the export potential of the industry, introduction of modern international methods of corporate governance, the Company “Uzstroymaterialy” was transformed into the Joint-Stock Company “Uzstroymaterialy”. We faced new tasks and areas that need to be urgently developed to ensure the supply of building materials for the ongoing construction works. Among the primary tasks was:
● to ensure the implementation of a set of measures for in-depth processing of local raw materials, increasing the volume and expanding the range of production of competitive, export-oriented construction materials, as well as meeting domestic demand for new types of high-quality building materials;
● to attract investments, especially foreign direct investments for modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of the industry, organization of joint ventures and production of a wide range of high-quality modern building materials with leading foreign companies.
At that time, when I came to the Company, the main problems in the industry were the lack of close cooperation with local administrations (khokimiyats), commercial banks, other agencies and organizations in the implementation of investment projects on production of construction materials. Also, there was no functioning specialized design and research institute for development of project documentation, survey work, the introduction of new technologies in the production of building materials and products in the structure of the JSC “Uzstroymaterialy”. However, these gaps were quickly addressed.
– It is known that financiers are good managers, as they know how to count money better than others. Previously, you held the position of the First Deputy Chairman of the Joint Stock Commercial Bank “Agrobank”. Tell us how the bank management skills help you in the development of the building materials industry?


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