Requirements for scientific publications

The Editorial Board of the magazine “O’’zbekiston Iqtisodiy Axborotnomasi” – “Economic Bulletin of Uzbekistan”, taking into account the international standards and generally accepted practice for scientific publications has developed a requirements for submitting articles for publication*.



1. Presentation of new ideas in submitted articles.

2. Author’s proposals in furtherance of scientific idea.

3. Compliance of proposals with circumstances and opportunities.

4. Justification of their implementation and sources of funding.

5. Bringing economic efficiency as a result of implementation.

6. Presentation in the annotated format.

9. Key words.



1. Uzbek-English or Russian-English translation of a scientific article.

2. Expert opinion, testifying to the comprehensive relevance of the scientific article.

3. Availability of a subscription to the “EBU” magazine.


* Articles that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.



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