Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover increased by 16 in 2021%

     In 2021, Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover increased by 16% compared to 2020, reaching $42.1 billion. The volume of exports amounted to $16.6 billion, an increase of 10%, imports – $25.46 billion, which is 20.4% more than in the previous year. In the structure of exports, manufactured goods, including copper and steel, took the first place, surpassing gold.
     Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover by the end of 2021 increased by 16% compared to 2020, amounting to $ 42.1 billion, the press service of the State Statistics Committee reported.
     According to the results of last year, the volume of exports from Uzbekistan increased by 10% to $ 16.611 billion, imports – to $ 25.461 billion (+20.4%).
     The negative balance of foreign trade amounted to $ 8.85 billion – against a negative figure of $ 6 billion a year earlier.
     The main foreign trade partners of Uzbekistan remain Russia (17.9% of the total turnover), China (17.7%), Kazakhstan (9.3%), Turkey (8.1%) and South Korea (4.5%).
     The main export items for 2021 were industrial goods (26.1% of total exports), gold (24.7%), services (15.3%) and food products (8.3%).
     At the same time, exports of manufactured goods (including finished textiles, non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel) underwent a significant increase last year — their share in exports was almost 7% more than in 2020. The share of gold in total exports, on the contrary, turned out to be significantly more modest than a year earlier — 13.7% less compared to 2020. It is also worth noting the growth of machinery exports, its share in the export structure increased 1.5 times, from 2.9% to 4.2%.
     The main import items of Uzbekistan last year were machinery and equipment (32.4%, 5.2% less than in 2020), manufactured goods (18.5%), chemical products (14.3%), foodstuffs (9.9%) and services (6.8%).


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