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     Dr. Ali BAKLAN, one of the founders of BAKTAT Group of Companies, BAKTAT OLIVE INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC, Founder and Chairman of the Board, has made successful ventures and investments in the food sector since the day it was founded, both in Turkey and abroad. And also, in 2018, with the agriculture company whose name is ALIHAN ORGANIC, established in Uzbekistan and on the 20,000 decares of land owned in Samarkand QO «SHRABOT»; he has started to produce aromatic plant, various nuts and vegetables. With the factory to be established in order to reach the consumer of agriculture in Samarkand Qoshrabot region, it will both contribute to the development of trade between the two countries and will open the way for a considerable employment in the territory of Uzbekistan.
     Dr. Ali BAKLAN, one of the owners of BAKTAT Group of Companies which has been producing food products and marketing them to worldwide since 1986 with the name of BAKTAT, told about his success starting in Çorum and reaching Europe. BAKTAT, which takes the first step towards becoming a giant in the food sector, exports to 54 countries all over the world, is one of the leading companies in the sector with 3200 barcodes in terms of product diversity, and has a wide range of products extending to all European Union countries and America, Canada, Korea, Arabia and Turkic countries. As a company with a distribution network, it has been operating for many years. Turkey ‘s pride in incorporating brands BAKTAT Group of Companies, one of the founders Dr. Ali BAKLAN has guided his business life with the vision of contributing to a healthy life with natural products, reaching the whole world in the light of sustainable agricultural policies and with its widespread network, taking into account the different tastes and preferences of its consumers. Entering the organic product market in 2008 and taking his place among the best in the industry, Dr. BAKLAN added another success to its career with the olive and olive oil factory established in Manisa, Akhisar under the name of BAKTAT OLIVE in 2009. Today, BAKLAN who made his name with his own investments and 13 companies partnership both in abroad and in Turkey was awarded the title of «Honorary Doctorate» by Baku Euroasian University with the decision of the Caucasian Universities Union Senate, which was formed by 170 universities in 15 countries. He was also appointed as the «Honorary Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Bursa and the Metropolitan City» in 2020 and started his duty.
     Emphasizing that the two countries want to deepen their commercial relations, Dr. Ali BAKLAN, pointing to the historical ties of brotherhood between Uzbekistan and Turkey, the two countries’ political, economic or cultural has said that it has privileged relations at many levels. “Dr. Ali BAKLAN pointed out that the bilateral trade volume, occurred in 2019, between Uzbekistan and Turkey is recorded as $ 2.3 billion and approximately 1400 Turkish capital companies operate in Uzbekistan. He stated that they attach great importance to the development of cooperation with Uzbekistan in all areas and that they maintain their will to advance the relations strengthened by the close ties between the Turkish-Uzbek peoples. He also stated that they established Alihan Organic agriculture company in 2018 and aimed to make Uzbekistan the center of agriculture in Central Asia.
     “We set out with the idea of producing and exporting delicious, healthy and innovative products suitable for the tastes and preferences, beliefs and values of our consumers all over the world. I would like to underline that exports are of critical importance for the sustainability of our industry and foreign trade balances. What makes this upward trend important and meaningful is the increase in the variety of products we export and reaching new markets. Today, we can proudly state that in the agricultural sector in our country, it is now reaching the maturity of opening and spreading to foreign markets, beyond just focusing on our own needs. In this way, we aimed to increase our bilateral trade volume with our country and contribute to the development and employment goals of Uzbekistan by carrying our initiatives beyond exports and investing in Uzbekistan. As Alihan Organik, we will pave the way for a huge investment in 2023 with the agriculture we have done in Uzbekistan and the factory we will establish afterwards.We aim to take firm steps towards making Alihan Organic an international brand. As Alihan Organic, we have produced lavender, various dried fruits and vegetables, fruits on 20,000 decares of land in Uzbekistan in 2019.
     Uzbekistan is a country that has a continental climate on an area of 447,400 km², has an important workforce potential and has determined attracting Foreign Direct Investment as key priorities of its Development Strategy.Although cotton and wheat are the main agricultural products produced on a total of 25.2 million hectares of agricultural land, we have produced the lavender plant here, which stands out with its feature of being an aromatic plant that can also grow in continental climates. We want to both encourage lavender production in these lands and set a record by realizing the world’s largest and single piece of lavender plantation. We aim to enter the world market by processing lavender, which is one of the 15 essential oil plants in the world, which is used in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industry, soap and other industries, with our factory, which we tried to put into practice until 2023.
     On this road we set off with the motivation to cultivate the fertile soil of Uzbekistan and to become a world brand with Turkish-Uzbek cooperation, we started not only lavender but also dried nuts and fruits and vegetables with our staff of about 2000 people. While our almond saplings are ready for planting, our vineyard planting has been completed. As Alihan Organic, we had to make some adjustments in our activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which affected the whole world, and we postponed our investments for a short time. Concluding his words with good wishes, Dr. Ali BAKLAN expressed his gratitude to high-level state officials in the region, local administrators, and Mr. Mehmet SÜREYYA ER, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Turkey, Mr. Alişer AGZAMHODJAEV and his team in their activities related to their investments. He stated that they were pleased to meet an important need in the region by emphasizing that they did not spare their support in any matter.


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