Indorama’s Journey in Uzbekistan


     Singapore company Indorama discovered Uzbekistan in 2009 as a region highly attractive for business. Visiting the country at the invitation of the government of Uzbekistan, fascinated by the fertile land and the rich resource potential, the company expressed an interest in creating a modern spinning production in one of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan – Kokand, the pearl of the Fergana Valley, which has long been famous for masters of spinning and weaving. Indorama is proud that the Government of Uzbekistan has trusted the company to continue and develop the textile traditions of Uzbekistan. In a short time, thanks to the active support of the Government, in June 2010, with the participation of the Indorama Group of Companies and the National Bank of Uzbekistan, a joint project enterprise “Indorama Kokand” was opened, whose tasks included the design and creation of a two-stage modern production complex for production of yarn with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons.
     Phase I was completed in August 2011 with K-45 spinning machine from RIETER (Switzerland), capable of producing 7500 tons of compact cotton yarn. After successful implementation of Phase I, with continued active support from the Government, Phase II was commissioned in 2013 with a higher annual capacity of 9000 tons with same state of the art technology of RIETER K-45 compact spinning machine.
     In order to diversify its production base, Indorama decided to further expand its operations in another type of yarn segment called “Open end yarn” which has different application and different market segment. This project was successfully implemented in 2015 as Phase III of the Project, with installed capacity to produce up to 9,000 tons of yarn.
     Keeping in view the growing market for yarns from both the global, regional and domestic market, Indorama decided to expand its compact yarn capacity. Accordingly, Phase IV was implemented with the most technologically advanced equipment, K-46 from Reiter with a capacity of 10,000 tons of combed compact yarns, which was commissioned in September 2016.
With this expansion, Indorama’s total capacity in Uzbekistan reached 50,000 tons of processed cotton per year, which is about 5% of total fiber production of the country and 10% of the total fiber processing. Due to the operation of the JV Indorama in the region 145 thousand jobs were created, and the company itself employs 1,100 people.
     Indorama is proud of its facility in Uzbekistan as it has development impact in many ways. Indorama yarn is being exported to global markets, thus bringing “Made in Uzbekistan” brand to new levels.
     Indorama Group of Companies is not satisfied with what has been achieved and intends to continue to invest in the industry of Uzbekistan. So, Indorama Agro invests 115.2 million USD in the opening of a factory for processing raw cotton in Kasbin district of Kashkadarya region, and it will be an additional contribution of Singapore in the development of cotton-textile industry of Uzbekistan in the framework of the cluster management. Indorama is proud of its achievements in the land of Uzbekistan, as it has an impact on the development of the country in many directions. The export of Indorama Yarn to world markets brings the brand “Made in Uzbekistan” to a new level by. «Our activities have created confidence among local entrepreneurs who have learned from our success to embrace modern technology, best management practices and EHS. Since the entry of Indorama into the country’s economy, the volume of cotton processing has grown from 15% to more than 80% today, and we are quite ready for further growth of this indicator to achieve the full added value of the entire fiber production. This enabled the country’s textile industry to become a major employer, contributor to GDP and a generator of foreign exchange earnings. Indorama will continue to work closely with the government and make a positive contribution to the growth and development of this beautiful country» — stated a representative of Indorama.


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