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Prospects of Dehkanabad Potash Plant


     Companies of the chemical industry in Kashkadarya region are extremely rare, and the most notable of them is the Dehkanabad Potash Plant. It was founded in the summer of 2010 based on the Tepakuton field. Initially, it started functioning as a limited liability company specializing in the production of chlorinated potassium and technical salt.
     Of course, during the past period the enterprise went through its peculiar way. In this process, the issues of cardinal development and expansion of its sphere of activity have always been in the center of attention. Indeed, under the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On Measures of Further Reforming the Chemical Industry and Increasing its Investment Attractiveness” dated April 3, 2019, it was transformed into a joint-stock company. Accordingly, it was noted that shares of 51% or more in the authorized capital should be sold at market value at competitive auctions through direct negotiations with potential investors and provided that they complete the production of granular potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and other types of potash salts, as well accept social obligations. At this point, it is planned to direct the attracted investments to radically accelerate the diversification of production at the enterprise, complete the construction of main overhead roads and external power supply lines that will connect the mining and production complexes of the plant, reduce the cost of supplying raw materials and reduce the distance between them.
     The resolution noted that the funds received from the sale of shares of the company to potential investors either through direct negotiations or by issuing additional shares, including with the imposition of investment obligations, must be directed to repay the company’s loans to Uzbekistan Fund for Reconstruction and Development.
     Naturally, such guidance documents and the measures taken on their basis have had a positive impact. In a relatively short period, the plant has developed comprehensively and gained the status of the largest and the only enterprise producing potash fertilizers not only in our country but also in Central Asia. Most importantly, due to its restoration, the national chemical industry has come to an important reality. More precisely, the production of potash fertilizers in our country has been localized.
     Over time, the achievements in this area has also increased. For example, in 2011, the company produced 180 thousand tons of products, and last year, this figure increased by 300 thousand tons. During this period, their foreign sales increased from 143 thousand tons to 246 thousand tons.
Currently the main part of the company’s products is exported to about thirty countries in Southern and South-Eastern Asia, the Caucasus, the Baltic States, and Africa. Namely, continuous supply is established to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, China, Iran, India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Moldova, Vietnam, and Ukraine. Accordingly, we ensure individual approach to each client, taking into account their wishes, and consistently provide information about the quality of potash fertilizers, optimal prices, and fast delivery.
     As a result, the number of the plant’s regular customers and reliable partners on the market of agrochemicals is steadily increasing. Inspired by this, the staff strives to further improve the quality of produced goods and increasing the type and quantity. For the same purpose, relentless efforts are being made to update many technologies and increase the number of employees to three thousand people.
     The Program for development of the chemical industry for 2019-2030 also identified promising projects that will be implemented at the Dehkanabad Potash Plant. One of them is to organize production of potassium sulfate and other types of potash salt based on modern technologies produced abroad. Upon completion of this 61 million USD project, the new line will be producing 120,000 tons of product each year.
     Another project, the production of granular potassium chloride is being introduced based on the existing capacities of the enterprise. For this purpose, funds in the amount of 15 million USD are invested. As a result, the capacity is created to produce additional 180 thousand tons of chemical products a year.
     Both projects will be fully launched in 2023. Accordingly, the production coverage of the industry will increase, so will the number of jobs. The development of the territory’s infrastructure is accelerating, and the neighborhood is becoming more prosperous and beautiful.
Charity and incentives mean a lot!
     Currently, the company is working towards the implementation of promising projects. At the same time, great attention is paid to ensuring social protection of workers and employees, improving professional knowledge and skillset, providing material and spiritual incentives, creating conditions for effective work, restoration of health and recreation, for holding various celebrations in harmony and meaningful mass events.
For instance, over the past period, the company has built 210 social houses in the Workers City for its workers in need of housing. According to the agreement with the Trade Union, the down payment of 10.18 billion soums to be spent for construction of these buildings is allocated by the Union. And for several low-income families, the enterprise allocated fully furnished cozy rooms in the family dormitories.
     Additionally, a 40-seat kindergarten “Little Chemist” was organized for employees’ children, a health center, a library with a total of 5 thousand books on various topics, a mini-football field with artificial turf, a crafts and sewing workshops were built. The launch of these facilities created 38 additional jobs, and employment was provided for young orphans, women who have lost their breadwinners, and citizens with disabilities.
     It is worth noting that when the sewing workshop was commissioned, there was no need to spend a lot of time and money to bring the necessary sewing and knitting products for the needs of the enterprise from abroad. Because special clothes for the plant workers and staff is being produced at the workshop. Additionally, bed linen and pillows are also produced. 2000 fruit and decorative trees grown in ecological gardens in the plant territory, and lemons, tomatoes and cucumbers grown in 4 greenhouses are to some extent being used for the plant team.
     It is gratifying that the leadership of the plant adheres to the principles of humanism and noble values, and if necessary, generously provides support to those in need. Because until now, the tuition was paid by the joint-stock company to nine orphaned children and several low-income families employed at the plant who entered higher educational institutions. Weddings were sponsored for 16 couples, circumcision parties were held for 70 children, and grooms and brides received TV sets, while children were provided with gift boxes and bicycles. Besides, the children were provided with a bank account with 500 thousand soums in savings, and married couples received 1 million soums in savings account.
     The enterprise sponsored the surgery of an employee’s son with speech impairment, born in 2014. He was taken to the Republican Specialized Pediatric Research Medical Center. The child’s speech and hearing abilities were restored, and the company’s help was not in vain. A 23-year-old employee of the company’s sewing workshop was brought to Tashkent for application of a special prosthesis which helped her to restore the ability to walk straight.
     Such beneficent work is carried out with the help and material support of the plant management, the Trade Union Committee and the staff members. Other citizens living in the area, especially families and people with disabilities who need social protection, also enjoy their kindness. The clear proof of this is the fact that more than 120 people were provided with wheelchairs, more than 50 people with hearing aids, and more than 70 received other types of social assistance. Another example is that members of 3 families who lost their breadwinner and raise children with disabilities were provided with adequate fully furnished housing. Over twenty-three low-income families received livestock, more than 100 people received food, and children of some families were provided with vouchers to summer recreation camps, as well as clothing, and shoes.
     It is noteworthy that the administration of the plant also contributes to the elimination of public issues, which seriously concern the residents of the district. In particular, the enterprise is actively involved in upgrading and landscaping of the neighborhood. Over the past years, it sponsored the cleaning of 5 of the district cemeteries and the repair of 4 schools. Also, with the help of the plant the building of the mosque in Chuchukquduq village was renovated, its courtyard landscaped. 2 kilometers of internal roads were paved with gravel. A couple of houses were rebuilt for people with disabilities. The pipe network that passes through the mountain road that leads to the village of Torqapchigay, which supplies the inhabitants of villages Kurgantash and Akirtma with drinking water was renovated. The problem of lack of telephone communication, which has long troubled the people of Akirtma village, also found a positive solution thanks to the efforts of the plant’s management.
     The company did not miss the initiative even in the development of fish farming in the area, the construction of greenhouses, and facilities in several other major projects. And last year, it restored and commissioned the Memorial Square in Karashina town, which was considered the center of Dehkanabad district. The book mounted on it included the names of more than two thousand participants in World War II and those who worked behind the front lines. It was one of the most rewarding works that many people deserve to applaud and recognize.
     Another matter to note. The joint-stock company “Dehkanabad Potash Plant” constantly holds a wide celebration of holidays and rituals, various sports competitions, cultural, spiritual and educational events, competitions, round tables, literary meetings dedicated to the life and work of our famous scientists, great poets, and writers. On the eve of Eid Ramadan and Eid al-Adha, it has become a good tradition to treat veterans of the district and elderly people to holiday festivities and honor the souls of the deceased. On the occasion of such holidays as Motherland’s Defenders’ Day, the 8th of March, Navruz, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Constitution Day, Chemists’ Day, concerts are organized for the residents of Dehkanabad district and employees of the plant with participation of famous singers. From time to time, employees’ travel to Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez, Karshi, Kitab cities, and to the neighboring Tajikistan is sponsored. Special respect is shown to those who retire from the plant.
     It is no secret that where there is are incentives for work and mutual kindness, the desire for honest work increases, and human dignity is honored. The whole team will unite with a noble goal and achievement of the same. This, as you read above, can once again be seen in the activities of the joint-stock company “Dehkanabad Potash Plant”.
Jakhongir SAMADOV,
Deputy Chairman of the Board


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